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Overhaul and drive train service: pick up and delivery, assemble new bikes.

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Park Tool School Bike Maintenance Course  with Completion Certificate

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(1) Basic Maintenance Course: Tire, cleaning of bikes and chain, bearing plays, deraileur adjustment.

(2) Intermediate Maintenance Course: all parts will be displaced and adjustment made.

(3) Advance Maintenance Course: whole bike will be stripped down and reassembled

Please email enquiry@bikeslinks.com or register your interest in the shop.

Singapore Bike Tour program

(1) Eastern: East Coast to Marina Barrage: 40KM

(2) East to North: East Coast to Changi Village then to Pungol Park: 50KM

(3) Park Connect: Bedok Reservoir to Marina Barrage or Pungol

(4) Round Island ride: East to West, to North and back to East.


For most riders who are switching to serious road cycling, they are spoiled for choice. There are many brands, materials, colours, wheels, gears, handle bars and accessories. Shopping for a bike is fun and it is the  best period for most of the riders. Once you purchase you bike the shopping fun is over. Of course you may initiate another purchase when improved models are out in the market. The real fun comes when you begin to ride.

Since you are going to spend hours on the bike, it is important to get a bike that fits your body structure. Bike fitting is as important if not more than shoe fitting or suite fitting. Your ride must be comfortable for long hours and you must be able to exert power with the minimum effort. In another words the ride must be efficient. This will take several trials and errors and it needs time to achieve.

Defining Frame Size

There are many dimensions used to define a frame. Without going into geometry and angle we simplified the details. Ultimately there are only three points that are in contact with the bike. (1) The butt: seat tube height (2) The hands: the top tube length which affect your reach to the handle bar. (3) The legs: seat tube angle. The seat tube angle is more or less fixed by the industry at 73 degrees.

A good bike fit means body structure efficiency, body comfort and body aerodynamics. There are professional bike fitters to help you. Some are using computer to analyse your body position and how you move on the bike. You may need some adjustments of the stem length and height, seat post height and seat rail length if you get the right frame. Adjustment using seat rail, seat post and stem are preferred as these are relatively cheap component and easily worth changing to ensure comfort. It is important to get the suitable frame size. If the frame is too big or small, the adjustment by stem, seat post and seat rail will not be sufficient.

The ultimate test for a good bike fitting is to go for a long ride of at least 50km to 80km with some sprinting. Numbness in your hand, strained shoulder and painful buttocks are common to beginners. If the numbness persist you may have placed too much weight on your hands due to tilting angle of the seat or the seat rail is moved too closely to the handle bar. If you do not feel numbness in your hands, shoulder or getting cramps easily, then the bike is probably set up for you.

For beginner, you could use the manufacturer’s guidelines for a suitable size based on your height and then fine tune the position using the adjustability of seat post, seat rails and stems etc. This approach works for many people, mainly because they are of average height, flexibility and of ‘normal’ proportions. 

Road Bikes Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide




Bike Size










Height in Meter










The above is a guide. It is not a rule as different manufactures may have different way of sizing their bikes.

Bike Frame comes in different sizes. Selecting your bike frame is vital to achieve comfort over long rides and maximizing performance.

Bike size can be adjusted by manipulating the stem length, seat post and seat. This means that you may be able to get away with a bike one size away from the ideal, but any more than that, it is unlikely you would ever be comfortable. If you are caught between a size 48 and 50cm for example, the small frame is always a better choice. A smaller frame is easier to manoeuvre and also it is lighter.

At Bike Store @SAFRA Tampines, premium racing bikes and performance bikes are available for rent. Rental period ranges from 1 day to 1 year. You can try the racing or performance bikes before you decides to buy them. The rental will be absorbed into the price if you decides to purchase the bikes.

Bike Store also sell second hand bikes for clients. These road bikes are checked and tested by us. The parts and body should be in good working conditions. Bike Store sells used bikes that are at least rated 8/10 in terms of appearance and it should be in good working conditions. Bike Store will go through a check list with you before you collect your bike.